We are an Arts Festival.

18th October - 1st November 2019


Established in 2017, Conny ran for the first time. A small-scale festival in Consett, County Durham, we used various spaces available at Consett’s YMCA (now Delta Youth), hosting 30 visual artists from across the UK, ranging from the ages of 17 – 70.


“If a class room can host a painting exhibition and a sports hall a sculpture show, then what other spaces in Consett have the potential for multi use and development?”


This year, Conny will run again. The festival will last 2 weeks from the 18th October - 1st November and will feature events, workshops and exhibitions. All free to the public.

Conny will celebrate our community and the people who make it. There are so many fantastic groups and creative individuals in our area and we want to showcase them. We want to created a platform to connect more people to the arts in a fun, engaging and exciting way.


Our Ethos

  • Platform and support local creative talent.

  • Highlight the importance of creative spaces as a necessity for artistic development.

  • Programme exciting, engaging and accessible events which highlight Consett as a place of cultural significance and importance.